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Jeff Lee

""Unfailingly sunny and serene, Skyline Hotel imbue enough effervescence and enthusiasm into the four songs on their self-produced EP to light up an entire anthology. That’s no exaggeration; the band’s shimmer and sparkle is a joy to behold. The care that they invest in the arrangements and the endearing and enticing melodies that result have to be heard to be appreciated. The skill that Sparks Of Light reflects both literally and figuratively allows for a perfect pop set-up, one that’s clever but never cloying, effortless while still engaging. A most impressive bow, Skyline Hotel provides its listeners with a very warm welcome."
- No Depression
"Incredibly brilliant...could be played on any radio station across the world. It is no understatement to say that Skyline Hotel are the most original brothers since Mario and Luigi. They came in and changed the game completely, and so have Jeff and Jon Lee. It is always amazing finding such original music, and with Skyline Hotel, I think there's a big future in store.  Whether it's electronica, acoustic, or as proved with the last song blasting out a guitar solo, they can do it. The future is bright for these two brothers."
- Stencil Magazine
"Skyline Hotel have what many technically proficient musicians can overlook: serious pop sensibilities. Brothers Jon and Jeff Lee eschew distortion in favor of clean, strong melodies to create a dynamic sound. Their studio recordings are meticulously arranged, all ready for airplay."
- The 9:30 Club
"Modern Dire Straits"
- Jez Wing (Echo & The Bunnymen)
"Skyline Hotel truly is capturing the sound of Gen-Y young love, and deserve to receive full credit as ambassadors to the DMV creative scene."
The Rival at GW
"When one is able to write a strong hook backed by instrumentation with ample thought behind it, you have a winning combination. You gotta love that falsetto in the chorus. That makes my mind jump to Walk The Moon. "
- Tuned Up on "Make Me Sway"
"The single ['Oh My Dear'] has a warm, dreamy feel that shows that the band is hip to their more alternative counterparts in the current industry while keeping both feet planted firmly in accessible pop territory. The track is full, lush and has the right amount of melancholy."
Tuned Up
"Lots of smooth licks, stylish guitar Wilco Summerteeth pop era."
- Hometown Sounds on "Oh My Dear"
"If you prefer a smarter brand of pop music that is smooth at heart, but filled with rock energy, then Skyline Hotel should be on your itinerary."
- DC Rock Live
"Skyline Hotel has everything that a sleek California producer could spend years trying to manufacture ... [and] is the beating heart that will make you love pop music again. Sparks of Light is an EP that is full of the brightest subtle beauty"
- Glory In Sound